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Windsor Square Real Estate – Realtor John McQuilkin

Windsor Square Real Estate

Windsor Square is a small, wealthy, historic neighborhood located in Los Angeles California. It is one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles. That is why I created to pay tribute to the one of a kind homes and estates found in Windsor Square. Windsor Square real estate has a unique and interesting history which probably explains why Windsor Square, all these years later is still one of the most beautiful place to live in Los Angeles.

 History of Windsor Square Real Estate

George A.J. Howard who was a prominent financier in the early 1900’s. He had a vision in mind for a beautiful tranquil park as a setting for family homes similar to the ones he saw in the English countryside. The area of Windsor Square at that time was an undeveloped and rural part of town about halfway between the city center of Downtown Los Angeles and the coast. Howard pushed the city fathers to help make his vision of an ideal neighborhood come true.  In 1911 a man by the name of Robert A. Rowan was able to make George A.J. Howard dream a reality by initiating a unique residential development that he called Windsor Square.

The development was developed as a private square. Both the homes and the streets would be privately owned. Fences and Walls were discouraged so that one yard ran into the next, creating a park-like setting.

Windsor Square was the first area in the city to have the power lines below grade–an extraordinary innovation for 1911.

To make sure that the homes were upscale and of the finest caliber, deed restrictions were set at a minimum cost of $12,550 per home which was an enormous amount of money at the time. The finest architects in the country descended on Windsor Square creating the impeccable mansions found in the neighborhood today.

 Windsor Square Real Estate is not to be Confused with Hancock Park

Windsor Square is sometimes mistakenly called “Hancock Park,” but Hancock Park is the neighborhood to the west of Windsor Square. The historic homes in Windsor Square’s homes have the same value as homes in Hancock Park. What sets Windsor Square apart from Hancock Park is that most of the homes are built on bigger lots in Windsor Square providing ample room for tennis courts and Olympic sized pools.

Windsor Square real estate consists of approximately 1,100 homes, and it is one of the oldest, most well preserved neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles. Its stately mansions, expansive lawns, mature trees and close proximity of a mere five miles to Downtown Los Angeles make Windsor Square a garden oasis in the heart of a world-class city.

The Marlborough School for Girls is located in Windsor Square.  It is one of the most prestigious all-girls schools in Los Angeles. The Larchmont Chronicle is a monthly community newspaper news paper that serves Windsor Square.

The Getty House the official residence of the Mayor of Los Angeles is in Windsor Square.

The area is designated a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone.

About Windsor Square Real Estate Agent John McQuilkin

Beverly Hills real estate agent John McQuilkin is a Realtor at Rodeo Realty in Beverly Hills, California. In addition to providing Windsor Square Real Estate market updates, John also blogs about the California Housing Market. John McQuilkin is a divorce real estate agent and probate real estate specialist. The bulk of John’s business comes from traditional real estate sales. John’s clients range from first time home buyers to high profile celebrity clients. John works at all price levels and welcomes and looks forward to hearing from you.

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